About Cocoa Box


Are you’re looking to enjoy the best bean-to-bar chocolate from around the world or ethical & sustainable chocolate gifts? You’ll find it all here! Remember you can make a difference as a consumer, by supporting products that are better for our planet and it’s people

Cocoa Box was Founded by Susan Stokes who’s a self-confessed “chocolate addict”.  Since moving to Australia from Ireland in 2013 she noticed the chocolate tasted different. Later finding out due to the hot weather in Australia a waxy substance is added to the chocolate so it doesn’t melt(as quickly) on newsagent shelves.

This sparked years of searching for new chocolates(additive-free) and in the process, she discovered the wonderful world of luxury artisan chocolate. The bean-to-bar movement has exploded around the world and in Australia within the last decade. 

The passion, creativity and drive of these boutique chocolate makers are amazing, carving out their own identity alongside big name brands. But if no know one knows about them outside their local community or network, they won’t survive or thrive – which is a crying shame!

That’s where Cocoa Box comes in…we want to celebrate and explore all of this delicious new chocolate and help you learn more about craft chocolate in the process. From chocolate and its makers to the cocoa farmers and how you support by buy craft chocolate. 

We’re excited to see how far the Cocoa Box journey will take us, so join us today!

“OH MY GOSH – the yummiest selection of chocolate I’ve ever tried.”

Beccy Drake, Fremantle

“Loved ’em, thank you!”

Bob Foley, Perth